Welcome To The EquityAir Travel Services Family.

We are glad you are aboard. It’s important to please take some time to look over the EquityAir website to get familiar with our flight packages and full-service transportation services. The Travel Packages page offers many amazing pre-planned trips and getaways. The Member Connection page is where you will find many unique travel options which can range from shared travel and pay-by-the-seat opportunities as well as the ability to front run your own members events, shared travel, pay-by-the-seat and ground transportation events and outings.

If you would like to front run your own members event, please visit the How It Works page, or send an email to: info@equitair.com. You can also direct inquiries to one of the EquityAir team members on the About Us page. One of the team members will get back within 24 hours to help you with your event planning.

Please keep in mind the EquityAir Team can help you with all your travel needs, even if you would just like help setting up commercial air travel or events.

If at any time you have question, comments or need help with any of the EquityAir services please call 269.342.7002.

Thank you!
EquityAir Travel Services